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Case Study

Mobile App

Project Overview

Exhibition App is designed for visitors and tourists to help get information of exhibitions  easily and book tickets beforehand through this app. 

Project Overview

Design an app that allows users to easily find information and get tickets so that they can save their time and effort.

The Goal

- It takes time visitors to get the recent exhibition information.
- People are sick of waiting in the line to get tickets at a gallery.

The Problem

UX designer designing an <Exhibition app>

from conception to delivery

My Role

User Research

I conducted surveys and interviews to understand users for the product that I am designing for. 
The user group identified through the research was parents who want to visit a gallery with their kids and give them more valuable experiences. I was also able to learn that they have difficulties with many steps when they go to a gallery with their kids. 
Another user group was tourists who have a passionate interest in arts. They want to enjoy a museum without waste of time but sometimes the information they get online is not accurate.

Research Summary


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User Journey

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Pain Points

Inaccurate Information

It’s hard to get up-to-date exhibitions’ information in real time unless calling them to ask.


Many of the gallery visitors consider waiting in line to get tickets is waste of time. 


Not many platforms for galleries or museums are equipped with assistive technologies.


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Usability Study

Affinity Diagram

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I conducted two rounds of usability studies. Findings from the first study helped guide the designs from wireframes to mockups. 
The second study used a high-fidelity prototype and revealed what aspects of the mockups needed refining. 

Round 1

1. Users want to get the information they want quickly.

2. Users want more options they can change when booking tickets. 

3. It is confusing for users to search for  information by keyword. 

Round 2


1. Users want confirmation before and after booking tickets. 

2. Users need clarification of some features like ‘scan’.

Refining Design

008 – 1.png

Early design showed ‘Home’ and ‘Explore’ pages separately.  But  some said it was confusing and hard to find the ‘explore’ page. So I combined two pages on the home page.

Make it  clearer & filter

what a user want to find

009 – 1.png

After the 2nd usability study, some users mentioned the ‘confirmation’, saying that they would want to confirm if they did it  right  while booking tickets.

Add confirmation pages 
before and after paying process.



Easy to find

Design an app that allows users to easily find information and get tickets so that they can save their time and effort.

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Easy to Access

Users can get information on artworks and artists and the simple icons and audio guide feature allows them to access to information easily.

One-stop Booking


It also provides one-stop booking feature. 
Users can book a ticket and get them right away on their device so that they do not need to wait in line to get tickets when they get to a gallery or museum. 

Scan Artworks

Users can get artwork’s detail by scanning the artwork itself at a gallery they are in. 
It’s pretty intuitive and straightforward. 

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The Impact

The app allows users go through quick and easy process when visiting a gallery. 
One user said during the usability session that he thought the concept of this app was really cool and if there’s an app like this, he could get information of exhibitions easily without wasting time and much effort. 

What I Learned

What I learned while designing this ‘Exhibition app’ was that avoiding biases is one of things that I have to keep in mind throughout the entire design process. Because I realized what works for most of the people may not work for someone. 
That’s why knowing about users well is really important and I think it would make the design better by satisfying more people. 

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